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Posted on July 13 2021

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As you’ve come to know, our family of event rental companies has continued to operate under multiple brands for many years. Over those years, we have worked hard to align our company processes, resources, and inventories in an effort to improve the experience of our clients in all markets. We have come to believe that our current brands no longer reflect the immense growth in resources and geographical reach we have made. To reduce confusion with our client base and employees, it’s time that we complete our company alignment with one brand name and look. We have big dreams for the future and are very excited about the brand we have decided to carry our company there.


We are happy to announce that our entire company will be moving forward as EventWorks. Our reimagined name does not reflect any change in ownership, management, or employees. It does signify the evolution of our expertise and the refined vision we have for our place in this industry. We have an immense amount of pride and respect for our legacy brands as this decision did not come lightly. We feel confident that this step forward is the best way to honor our history and improve the great experiences we bring to our clients.


Starting in August, we will begin operating as EventWorks in all seven markets —Charleston, Savannah, Myrtle Beach, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Nashville, and Birmingham. Your reservations, quotes, and contracts will all remain the same with no risk or changes. We promise the same quality of service as you should not expect any changes to how your local teams operate. You will also see new introductions to our product offerings, a larger depth to our current inventory, and the largest geographical reach yet. We’ve also got an exciting new look, so be on the look out for a sneak peak soon!


We want to reassure you that this brand change comes at no risk to any of our clients. Our foundational reason for this decision has always been about improving client experience. As a company, we are very excited about this next chapter and look forward to bringing you the best yet. If you have any continued questions, concerns, or feedback, we want to hear from you. Please feel free to fill out our contact form or contact your nearest location.


Make sure to be following us on our new Facebook and Instagram for updates and news about our rebrand!

Here's to the future years of providing you The Works!


The EventWorks Team

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