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Patio Heater Instructions

Be sure to allow adequate cross-ventilation

To Turn Heater On

Turn control knob to "On" position.

To Light Pilot

Rotate control knob to "Pilot" position. Firmly depress knob for 30 seconds while lighting pilot through 1/2" diameter lighting hole above control. Pilot should remain lit. NOTE: Allow 1½ minutes to purge air through pilot after connection with a new tank of propane gas.

To Turn Heater and Pilot "Off"

Turn knob to "Pilot" position. Depress slightly and turn to "Off" position. Wait 5 minutes after complete shut-off of heater before relighting pilot. Turn "Off" gas tank when heater is not in use.


Pilot won't light (Is it because…)

  • Air in gas line
  • Low gas pressure
  • Gas line turned "Off"
  • Blockage in gas line

Pilot won't stay lit (Is it because…)

  • Bad thermocouple
  • Corrosion of thermocouple contact
  • Bad valve
  • Wind exceeding 10 mph

Main burner won't light (Is it because…)

  • No power
  • Low gas pressure
  • Blockage in orifice
  • Manual valve not in "On" position

IMPORTANT NOTE: Test fire heater following the lighting instructions on heater post. Leak test all gas connections with soapy water. Soap bubbles indicate gas leakage. DO NOT light match to test for gas leaks.

WARNING: White smoke may appear around the emitter grid during the first minute of the initial firing.

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